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Web Traffic From Smartphones is Greater Than Smartphone Ownership Share

Published on Friday, August 30, 2013

Web Traffic From Smartphones is Greater Than Smartphone Ownership Share

Chart of the Week

Earlier this week Statista released a chart showing the 15 top countries with the highest percentage of Smartphone penetration, based on Google's 'Our Mobile Planet' data. This week, 51Degrees.mobi takes a look at Smartphone web traffic penetration from the same 15 countries.

Smartphone Mobile Web Traffic Penetration by Country

According to Statista, smartphone ownership in the top 15 countries averages at around 63%, however, actual web usage seems to show a far different story. Web traffic share from smartphones originating from the same 15 countries is on average around 90%. This shows that people browse the web on a smartphone device far more than on feature phones within these countries.

Surprisingly there have been large shifts in ranking when comparing smartphone web usage, rather than handset ownership. United Arab Emirates was the largest change, showing that although smartphone ownership is high, their actual web usage on these devices is relatively low.

The United Kingdom was the only country to have stayed in the same position at 9th place after comparing both charts. Norway showed the most similar correlation between smartphone ownership and web usage, with 67.5% and 68.9% respectively. Google's data was taken from a small sample of 1000 people within each country. 51Degrees.mobi sees over 1.8 billion unique monthly web visits over our network of over 850,000 global websites, giving us a great understanding of how the mobile web works.

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