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Missing iPad tablet web traffic?

Fix mobile decrease as iOS13 rolls out

Author: Benjamin CB

iPadOS 13 arrives on iPad in September. During the days that follow web analytics tools – like Google Analytics – will indicate single digital percentage changes in device splits with desktop increasing, and tablet decreasing.

The change is a consequence of Apple’s drive for a supposed improved web browsing experience and tracking prevention.

This blog explains why this will happen before providing a simple solution with examples to deploy alongside Google Analytics - and other analytics solutions - to maintain tablet visibility and avoid concluding desktop web traffic is really increasing.

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51Degrees User Agent Analysis - June 2018

Popular User Agents detected including Smartphones, MediaHubs and Consoles

This blog shares the latest 51Degrees User Agent Analysis including User Agent examples from Smartphones, MediaHubs and Consoles. Currently, we have over 50,000 device models in our database.

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51Degrees Detects User-Agents For New OnePlus 5 Smartphone

OnePlus 5 was launched on 27th June 2017

Author: Nisha Tamang

OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, founded in December 2013. Their latest flagship, OnePlus 5, was launched on 27th June 2017. This blog shares a User-Agent example detected by 51Degrees Intelligence Solution.

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Detect Apple iPhone Model Numbers and User-Agents

51Degrees property: HardwareModelVariants

Author: Edward

We recently touched on model numbers within Android User-Agent strings for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. This week we look closer at User-Agent strings for the Apple iPhone 7.

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Enhance Conference and the User-Agent

Misconceptions concerning User-Agents are limiting the possibilities

Friday 4th March 2016 saw 180 web professionals all with an interest in progressive enhancement assemble in London for a one day conference organised by Simon McManus.

"The Web is the most hostile software engineering environment imaginable." - Douglas Crockford

I continue to be amazed at how the humble User-Agent is misunderstood. My purpose in writing this blog post is to reset some myths passed down from web professional to web professional over the years concerning User-Agents. This was typified in the debate and conversation I witnessed at Enhance Conference.

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