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Responsive Web Design: Is this the only way?

Responsive Web Design has its uses, but it's not enough to meet ever changing consumer expectations.

Author: Benjamin CB

Responsive Web Design (RWD) has long been the go-to choice for web designers and marketers looking to build and optimize their websites. And with good reason; it does a fairly good job. It’s nice knowing that you can create a template for your website, and it will just ‘work’ on all screen sizes.

That said, consumer expectations are ever changing, and the journeys users expect to take on desktop may not be what they expect on small screen mobile phones. A survey conducted in 2018 by DataIQ and Tealium focusing on GDPR identified that consumers expect their experience to be different on each device.

This poses a question – how can Responsive Web Design be enhanced to better support cross-device journey optimizations?

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3 Mistakes Businesses Make When Designing a Mobile Website

Author: Joe Davine

Developing a mobile optimised web experience has now become standard practice across the web. However a poorly implemented mobile website will not only cause your Google search rank to suffer, but also reduce conversion and sales.

Before deciding on which mobile solution is right for your website, consider the following 3 mistakes that businesess make when designing their mobile web experience.

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Mistakes Of Mobile - The QR Code

Author: Joe Davine

To celebrate our new office move, the 51Degrees team took to the streets of Reading for an evening filled with tasty food and beverages. We stopped off at the handmade burger Co restaurant that was recently opened in Reading at the start of the year. We all had a great experience, with fantastic food and a great environment; however, there was something that left a sour taste in our mouth.

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5 Reasons Responsive Design Alone Isn't Working

Responsive Web Design allows designers to implement web pages which work equally well on different types of devices. Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS3) media queries enable the CSS used to control the page look and feel to be altered based on screen size, and other properties of the device when the page is being rendered on the browser. Responsive Design works really well with simple web pages containing elements that are implemented consistently across the major browser vendors. 

Sometimes something more is needed, here are 5 signs Responsive Design alone isn't working.

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Categories: Development, Opinion

Tags: RWD, Mobile, Design