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Changes In Price Band Of Devices Used For Web Access

US Data: January 2014 to August 2014

This week we will look at how the price band of devices used for Web access has changed since January 2014. Data in this article represents aggregated device data in the US. Using the 51Degrees PriceBand property in Device Detection is beneficial for website analytics to gain significant understanding of visitors or clicks. Such data is especially useful when combined with other analytics data and used for the purposes of A/B testing.

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Percentage of Mobile Web Traffic by Device Retail Price

Insight into web traffic and mobile device retail price

For the first time 51Degrees brings insight into the retail price of mobile and tablet devices accessing the web. Using US dollar pricing the most popular mobile devices have been classified into price bands between $50 and $999. Charts show which price bands are the most popular along with details of the top devices in each price band.

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