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ZTE Device Data Update

Warp Elite and Obsidian

Author: Anonym

This week we focus on two new offerings from ZTE. Initially founded 30 years ago as Zhongxing Semiconductor Co. Ltd in Shenzhen, China. 12 years ago Zhongxing Semiconductor changed its name to Zhongxing New Telecommunications Equipment Co. from where we get the ZTE moniker. All of the devices in this article can be detected with our latest data file update available for download now.

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Browser Subversion Update and New ZTE devices

Budget Friendly Smartphones

Author: Anonym

In January earlier this year we released information about our plans to support operating system subversions. During April we made changes so that 51Degrees provides information about both Android and iOS software subversions. We're now happy to announce the imminent release of the second stage of our subversion plan, adding support for subversions in the native Android browsers.

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