That's Handy


9/19/2016 9:41 AM

Device Detection 51Degrees Device Intelligence News

So it looks like the vintage Nokia 3310 that's been living in my pashmina drawer for the past five years might be finding itself a new home. A handy* new German site uses 51Degrees’ device detection software to identify your device and display an appropriate trade-in price comparison table. This free web-widget giving undisputed trade-in prices and full details on how to recycle abandoned inferior devices can be installed from Must admit it appeases my conscience to know there is a green solution to my unplanned antique mobile phone collection, although I’m not the only one.

Research suggests several million unloved devices lurk in drawers destined for landfill**. You can even do your bit to encourage others to save the planet by integrating the widget onto your website, earning up to 70% revenue share in rewards. Once installed, Pricenamics’ free ‘Device Detection Widget’ displays an on-screen ad on your website, giving visitors the current re-sale value of the smartphone or tablet they’re using. From here, users can monitor the value of their device and make informed decisions about its value and re-sale. There are hourly and daily updates too so no more trawling through lists to try and identify your device, the Device Detection Widget does it for you.

Funny how quickly phones go out of fashion yet fuchsia pashminas stand the test of time.

*Germans call their mobiles ‘Handys’.