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How to Use the New Hash Trie algorithm in Java

51Degrees explains how to call the C Hash Trie API within Java.

Author: Ben Shillito

This article shows how the new, faster, Hash Trie algorithm can be used in a Java environment. This blog will go through the steps required to create an illustrative example of how to call the C Hash Trie API within Java. Before starting, you will need to get hold of the new Hash Trie source which is available on GitHub.

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API Version 3.2 Update for Developers

Details of features and release schedule for API updates

We’re always working hard to improve the 51Degrees APIs making them easier to use, consume fewer resources and provide new features. Version 3.2 combines many incremental changes. Highlights included in all API variants are:

  • New version 3.2 data file is 25% smaller than version 3.1. Data file size is no longer proportional to supported Device Combinations and Signatures. As a result V3.2 data files will grow at a slower rate than V3.1.
  • C APIs now join PHP, .NET and Java in supporting multiple HTTP headers, not just User-Agent. The developer no longer needs to consider which headers to use.
  • Cache structures are now all memory limited rather than time limited resulting in a more consistent memory profile.
  • Information relating to false positives such as rank information is returned more quickly.
  • Github is the master repository for all API source code. Mirrors will be maintained on Codeplex, Sourceforge and other locations.
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