Retiring the git.51degrees.com server


12/5/2023 3:30 PM

Service Update 51Degrees Development

We no longer support the code base or data file format

We’ve retired git.51degrees.com as a service.

What was it used for?

git.51degrees.com was a standalone HAProxy Git server that contained the Version 3.2.10 device-detection frozen repository. Version 3.2.10 supported the 51Degrees Hash Trie algorithm, which is not available in the newer Version 4 of 51Degrees.

The Git server is now a legacy product where we no longer support the code base or data file format, so it is unlikely to deliver the device detection accuracy you’d expect. Additionally, the Git server was compatible with HAProxy Version 1, which is no longer maintained as of Q4 2022.

What should I use instead?

If you still require the source code of the Git server, you can download the repository manually via GitHub.

However, we strongly recommend that you use Version 4 of 51Degrees as the data is updated daily by a team of data analysts. Furthermore, the Version 4 algorithm and data files are faster, more accurate, and contain support for industry changes to the User-Agent.

Version 4 also retains key features for HAProxy users such as in-memory data upgrades and multi-threading support.

To get started with Version 4 of 51Degrees, check out our migration guide or contact us for more information.

Get started with Version 4