Responsive Design - The rise and fall

David Manjra

1/15/2018 12:00 AM

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Responsive – it’s a great name and the concept is a simple one. The site adjusts its layout, based on browser size rather than device. When setting up the new website, you upload different image sizes (usually three sizes) and the

Sounds great – right?

Well, almost.

In some cases, for simple websites, it’s a one size fits all solution [or three in this case], but you get the principle.

But, if you have been in digital long enough, you know that it is never that simple. The actual device capabilities play a major part in capabilities and user experience – particularly in e-commerce and other more complex web environments and sites. The more complex the content, the more you are at the mercy of the browser being using.

Hover-over features, which you find in a lot of e-commerce product sites are a very popular feature, offering a break out box with further product information – but for some browsers, including the iPhone browser, it is not always compatible. In other cases, pop-up info windows can be butchered (technical term) in some android browsers. Couple this with adverts which display oversized making it impossible for mobile users viewing it to find a way to minimise is the hamburger menu. This is represented by the original navigation menu evolving into a few horizontal lines which, when clicked, reveals a list of navigational pages. The problem is that a lot of the hamburger menu links are a similar colour and difficult to find – not great for user experience.

The solution? True Handset Detection and device detection. Once you connect to your website, you are able to deliver true designed user interfaces and experiences that plays to the strength of each site visitor. You will be able to deliver 100% compatible sites and shopping carts to ensure that no sale is lost and no UI is ruined by incompatibility. What’s more, you can also view all of this on a live basis from within our analytics dashboard.

And there is more…

Our device detection ad serving service allows you to ensure that the correct size and compatible adverts are delivered to the site visitor.

Now is the time to refine every customers UI and UX. Expectations are high. Competition is fierce. Let’s get it done right.

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that advert. And I have not even mentioned the ‘hamburger’ menu yet. The responsive sites solution for mobile screens