persona Choose 51Degrees to Provide Device Detection Solution

Maria Gray

3/5/2019 9:00 AM


Using 51Degrees, can find more granular segments and improve overall performance.

Mobile User Acquisition Start-up,'s focus on machine learning and data science had yielded impressive results for app advertisers. However, they felt that more information about a potential user's device would yield even better returns. By adding 51Degrees' Device Detection to their algorithms, some interesting device traits and fraud indicators were uncovered which were used to increase overall performance by 15%. specialize in the delivery of mobile ads to users who are likely to yield a high Life Time Value (LTV) for their partnered advertisers.

In order to do this, they previously used a combination of machine learning and data science but knew that having access to granular device data was the key to improving performance.

This led to enlist the support of leading Device Detection provider, 51Degrees.

51Degrees provides the fastest and most accurate solution for device identification, optimized for web, app and network operators. Their solution meant that would now have access to data which includes device price, age, battery capacity and screen size, all in real-time.

The device data provided by 51Degrees enables to find more granular segments meaning they can make more informed decisions and improve overall performance. In's case, this equated to a 15% performance improvement.

51Degrees' Device Detection solution enriched our existing data and gave us access to more granular segments than we could previously tap into. These segments allow us to adjust and make our bidding activity more effective for our clients. Ofir PasternakCEO and Founder,

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51Degrees is the world's fastest, most accurate device detection solution for your website today, tomorrow and for the future. If you'd like to find out more please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss how we can help you maximize your business potential.

51Degrees enables you to detect over 53,000 different device models; allowing you to optimize your website and increase revenue.