Over the Air 2013

Products Team

9/26/2013 8:00 AM


51Degrees.mobi Sponsoring

Over The Air 2013, “the” technology event of the season, at Bletchley Park is only 1 day away. The tent is packed and beers stowed ready for an early start tomorrow.

51Degrees.mobi is sponsoring the toilets and showers (ed: we prefer “hygiene”) and helping out generally where we can.

We'll be announcing the winner of the Heaviest Web Site competition on Friday. Joe and I will be judging the “Best Mobile Web / HTML5” entry. Finally I'll be explaining some of the opportunities available to mobile innovators in the world of television.

Throughout the 36 hours we'll be available to provide advice concerning the best methods to support the web across multiple devices, debating subjects such as the role of Responsive Web Design or the future native applications. We're looking forward to enlightening workshops and lots of fun.

In case I forget to say this at a later time a huge thank you to Margaret Gold, Matthew Cashmore and Dan Appelquist for their hard work arranging OTA.

Hope to see you there.