NVIDIA Shield User Agents Now Detected By 51Degrees.mobi

Data Team

9/25/2013 11:14 AM

Update Opera Device Data

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49 new profiles added this week, including NVIDIA Shield.

The most powerful current Android gaming console, NVIDIA Shield, is now being detected by 51Degrees.mobi. This device runs on the NVIDIA Tegra 4 chipset, which has a 72-core NVIDIA GeForce GPU and quad-core ARM A15 1.9GHz CPU. Released in early August this year, the NVIDIA Shield has received a mixed reception – praise for its amazingly high-end specifications and Xbox 360-like controller, whereas criticism for its high $300 price and limited support for current Android games.

Coast by Opera, a new browser for iPads, is also being detected by 51Degrees.mobi. This minimalistic browser displays webpages in full-screen, replacing the functions of menus and toolbars with swipe gestures. This, of course, places a limit on the interactive features the browser can offer, for example pages cannot be saved to read later on offline; however, it does provide a clean and elegant interface that many users are likely to find convenient and aesthetically appealing.

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