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Published on Friday, July 26, 2013

iPad VS iPhone - Which device is used most on the mobile web?

Apple announced this week that iPad sales have dropped, whilst the iPhone has started to rise again. This week 51Degrees.mobi pit the iPad v.s. the iPhone to see who has more share of Apple's mobile web traffic.

iPhone VS iPad Mobile Web Traffic

Profits are slightly down this quarter for Apple, leading Tim Cook to mention a focus on new products at the end of the year. iPad web traffic saw a large surge over the Christmas months and nearly caught up to the traffic of the iPhone, however it has seen a drop over the last few months.

The drop in iPad traffic seems to have a direct relation to the reported slow of iPad sales. Could the cause of this be an increase in sales of non-Apple tablet devices? Or has the world already moved on from the tablet novelty?

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Author: Products Team

Categories: Analysis

Tags: Apple , iOS

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