Image Optimizing for Loterie Nationale

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7/17/2015 9:15 AM

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How Image Optimizer Works

Loterie Nationale use 51Degrees image optimization for onsite advertisements (e.g. banners with next draw jackpot) in order to provide the right image for the right screen and lessen some of the burden for people that manage image assets internally.

1. With many screens of all shapes and sizes accessing your web site one source image performs poorly on smaller screens or low bandwidth connections.
2. 51Degrees works out the precise image dimensions for each browser, physical screen, image and web page in real time.
3. The image server generates a tailored image from a single master hi resolution personalised image to ensure the minimum amount of data is sent to the device increasing page performance and improving user experience.


51Degrees service has effectively reduced administrative overheads and the complexity of producing a high performance website.

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