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How to Use the New Hash Trie algorithm in Java

51Degrees explains how to call the C Hash Trie API within Java.

Author: Ben Shillito

This article shows how the new, faster, Hash Trie algorithm can be used in a Java environment. This blog will go through the steps required to create an illustrative example of how to call the C Hash Trie API within Java. Before starting, you will need to get hold of the new Hash Trie source which is available on GitHub.

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51Degrees NGINX Module

The new NGINX module has now been released as beta

Author: Ben Shillito

The new 51Degrees NGINX module combines patented device detection with the simplicity of NGINX. Detection can be carried out on an NGINX load balancing server with just 1 line in the configuration, and installation requires no changes to the existing web server implementation

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Categories: Development, News

Tags: C, NGINX, Server