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5/4/2018 3:00 PM

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51Degrees versus ScientiaMobile's WURFL and the importance of primary data sources

Here at 51Degrees, we are constantly researching new device models and ensuring they are added to our database. However, we do notice plenty of websites which are dedicated to releasing "leaked" information about upcoming devices and more often than not this information is incorrect. That is why we research device information using official vendor sources ensuring data accuracy and quality. It is clear that the same cannot be said for ScientiaMobile.

While browsing through Twitter, we came across an interesting article from Android Headlines about the specs for the yet to be released, LG L713DL. What was so interesting about this article was that it references, and has screenshots from, ScientiaMobile's User Agent Profile of this device. Now apart from some of the information being incorrect (see the release date, which is apparently August 2017!) it is clear that their device information has not been taken from official vendor sources as there is no reference to this phone on the LG website and any other device specification source used by LG prior to a handset arriving in the market (as of 02/05/2018). The information looks to have been taken from a leak website as the information in their UA Profile matches what is seen from the leaked specs.

ScientiaMobile's User Agent profile for the LG L713DL

Having this profile created well before the phone is released is problematic because, as you can see from the release date field, the information can be incorrect and would have to be updated when the phone is launched but can you be certain that it will be corrected? Well seeing as Scientiamobile promoted the fact that their "device detection tools are already identifying LG L713DL specs", even though there are errors, would not suggest great data accuracy.

ScientiaMobile tweeting about the Android Headlines article that features their incorrect user agent profile

At 51Degrees we would never use leaked information to populate our data. We take information from official vendors' sources ensuring high quality and accurate device data. ScientiaMobile on the other hand clearly use leaked and unofficial information which can lead to poor device data quality which can have a huge impact on customers.