Device detection for Logstash !

Richard Uren

3/2/2017 12:00 AM

Handset Detection Archive
This blog originally appeared on handsetdetection.com. 51Degrees does not currently have support for Logstash.

Ever wanted a high performance device detection plugin for Logstash ?

Well, wait no longer, we’ve just released one ! :-) Full details on plugin configuration and installation are available at our Device Detection for Logstash repo. The plugin can also detect browsers, operating systems (platforms) and apps.

It also supports “ultimate”, “community” and “cloud” detection methods. Cloud detection sends requests to our servers for resolution. Ultimate and Community are both super fast local detection methods which run on your own servers.

If you would like to take it for a spin on the full Ultimate edition reach out and we’ll tee up an eval. We’re keen for feedback.

Happy Detecting :)