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Published on Friday, May 24, 2013

Chart of the Week 4 - May 2013

Last week the International Data Corporation (IDC) reported that Android and iOS made up 92% of Smartphone operating system shipments in the first quarter of 2013. This week 51Degrees.mobi take a look at the global mobile traffic of smartphone operating systems.

Global Smartphone Operating System % Web Traffic

iOS and Android combined are currently contributing to 96.6% of global mobile web traffic. This totals 4% more than their reported shipments, showing that users of the iOS and Android operating systems are browsing the web more than any other operating system.

Windows Phone traffic did however manage to overtake traffic from Blackberry OS devices. The Microsoft mobile operating system is now sitting in third place overall, which is also reflected in the IDC's shipment report.

Interestingly traffic from the Symbian operating system is still managing to rank within the top 5. Will the release of the Nokia Asha 501 and the Blackberry Q5 further the decline of the Symbian operating system?

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Author: Products Team

Categories: Analysis

Tags: Blackberry , Android , iOS

Joe Davine
Joe Davine>

Products Team

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