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Budget Lumia 521 Becomes Most Popular Nokia Smartphone

Published on Friday, September 6, 2013

Budget Lumia 521 Becomes Most Popular Nokia Smartphone

Chart of the Week

With Microsoft purchasing mobile hardware vendor Nokia earlier this week, 51Degrees takes a look at web traffic from Nokia mobile devices over the last 8 months.

Nokia Mobile Models - Global Web Traffic

Traditionally Nokia have under performed in the US market, however, they have had a large following in Europe. Nokia's Symbian operating system had good penetration in emerging markets but failed to take off in western markets.

Interestingly the Lumia 521, Nokia's budget smartphone, has managed to become Nokia's most popular smartphone for web browsing. This ties in with an increase in web traffic for the Windows Phone operating system in emerging markets, showing the hardware vendor still has a large following in those markets. Windows Phone is now the third most popular smartphone operating system used for web browsing across emerging markets.

Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia was certainly a logical choice for the software giant, but will they try and gain a larger following in the American market or will the focus stay on Europe and emerging markets?

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Author: Products Team

Categories: Analysis

Tags: Nokia , Microsoft

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