Monster Update – Detection for the Internet of Everything

Richard Uren

8/12/2015 12:00 AM

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This week we’ve released a major update to Handset Detection with new pricing plans and, most importantly, the final round of API v4 updates for Cloud and Ultimate detection. Lets break each of these down to see how they work.

Pricing Plans, Subscriptions and Payments

We’ve re-jigged the way our pricing works. The way we had Ultimate plans associated with a site and u sage plans associated with your account was crazy and very very unintuitive. So we’ve cleaned all that up and all plans are now associated directly with your account.

Also, we’ve added annual plans !

Cloud and Express annual plans have 20% more detections than their monthly equivalents, plus you get a month free. Ultimate plans now get a base 100,000 detections per month for web service use, so you can have play around with things while getting set up. We’ve also re-scoped the way Ultimate plans work, so rather than purchasing licences in blocks (1, 2-4, 5-10, 11-20) you can now nominate a quantity, and the prices have come down, way down in some cases. Login and checkout the new Ultimate pricing.

Paypal is dead ! Long live Paypal.

We’ve removed Paypal Express Checkout Subscriptions completely from our service. All payments are now made via card-on-file, through ….. Paypal. Our real motivator was that Express Checkout was making life difficult for us and some of you. Express Checkout didn’t allow us to alter subscriptions for you, updating cards was messy, subscriptions would get canceled when payment methods changed, handling expired cards was awful. It was just plain janky. So we’ve finally done away with that nonsense.

About 25% of you are still using Paypal Express Checkout subscriptions and thats fine .. it’ll keep ticking over. When it comes time to change your subscription just upgrade from the ‘Upgrade/Change Plan’ page and we’ll switch you into the new system.

One note : If you change your subscription and you’re paying with Paypal then you will need to manually cancel your old Paypal subscription after you’ve upgraded. Reach out if you have any hassles and we’ll help step you through the process.

API v4 Updates

APIv4 is now fully here. We’ve expanded Handset Detection into Detection for the Internet of Everything. In addition to tablets, handsets, TV’s, games consoles, mobile browsers and mobile operating systems we’ve added computers (desktops, laptops, notebooks), bots, libraries, sensors, appliances and vehicles as first class devices.

Desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux, OS X and more) have also been added,  along with desktop browsers (Firefox, Chrome etc..), and mobile apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flipboard etc.. We’ll be massively expanding our apps selection over the next few weeks.

Last, but not least, we’ve added a new detection method : Build Info Detection. If you’re running apps on any Android, iOS or Windows device, simply grab the build information, pass it to our service and we’ll tell you what the device is. Simple, Fast & Easy. Examples are coming shortly to the Help Center.

Phew ! Well thats the biggest update post ever, but its been a while so it seems fair.

Happy Detecting


Monster Update – Detection for the Internet of Everything