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Ad Tech London Roundup : Tuesday 2nd November, Shoreditch.


11/3/2016 2:16 PM


The 51Degrees marketing team head to Ad Tech London

The 51Degrees Marketing team headed to Shoreditch Town Hall, moustaches suitably oiled and curled, ready to learn from the innovators and gurus of the AdTech World, London 2016.

On arrival, the atmosphere felt fairly muted and the event was much more intimate than anticipated. Personal highlight for the day came from Heather Andrew, CEO, Neuro Insight who explained how the effectiveness of media campaigns such as TV ads, often difficult to measure quantitatively, can be analysed by measuring the effect on viewer’s brains. Also noteable was the reaction from the audience when panelist John Broughton of said that did all their programmatic marketing in-house and there was no need for agencies. Unsurprisingly perhaps, there were quite a few uncomfortable shufflings and mumblings from a number of media quarters at the back of the room.

This was followed up with some interesting conversations with a number of ad tech companies exhibiting including an innovative product demo by ‘Robotev’ with CEO and Founder, Simeon Ianchev. He played a video through a tape recorder circa 1980 on the big screen - a great marketing and innovative combo.

My AdTech app didn’t really deliver many ‘handshakes’ or ‘meet ups’ for me, but well done to Ben, our developer and lead man at the event, who proved to be much more popular as he was number 4 on the leader board. I look forward to catching up soon with all the great contacts we made.

img 20161102 133135
Ultimate networker leaderboard - Ben Shillito of 51Degrees at fourth position