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A Wide Range Of New Smart TVs Now Added To 51Degrees

Published on Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Wide Range Of New Smart TVs Now Added To 51Degrees

Device Data Update

You can now download our latest Premium Device Detection Data, or upgrade now if you do not already benefit from our Premium service.


This week a combination of 92 new hardware devices, browsers and operating systems have been added to 51Degrees.

We have focused on increasing our support for televisions and we have added a total of 38 Sony Smart TVs to our device detection in this weeks data update. These include a whole range of screen sizes, price bands and display technologies, including 3D. 51Degrees continues to support all types of devices to enable our customers to provide seamless targeted content.

Other devices added this week include Motorola's Moto XT760, Huawei's Ascend G305T and Lenovo's S2 LePhone, among many more.

Accuracy and Combinations

99.9% Detection Accuracy

75,928 Device Combinations

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Author: Data Team

Categories: Device Data

Tags: Sony


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