51Degrees.mobi Premium Update Includes New Smart TVs

Data Team

12/11/2013 4:18 PM

Sony Update Smart TV Device Data

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This week 39 new profiles have been added to the device detection database, among them are several feature phones, three smart televisions and a bunch of newer smartphones. Both the NEO N003 and the Highscreen Alpha Rage make appearances this week.

The NEO N003 is exclusive to the Chinese market and was touted as the cheapest Android smartphone with a 1080p 5" display, with retail prices approximately just $145. The N003 comes with a 13MP camera and a 3000mAh battery and runs on Mediatek's MT6589 chipset.

The Highscreen Alpha Rage also runs on the Mediatek MT6589 and is another lower end device. The Alpha Rage sports a 5MP camera, 2000mAh battery and a 4.52 TFT display with 218ppi.

The three new smart TVs added this week all hail from Sony. The models of these TVs are KDL-32EX520, KDL-32HX750 and KDL-42W805A, the first two models are equipped with 32" LED screens and Sony's X-Reality technology.

The KDL-42W805A is a 42" LED 3D screen with X-reality pro technology and NFC one-touch mirroring, allowing you to easily display content from your smartphone onto your TV by just touching the remote control with your NFC enabled mobile device.

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