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12/4/2014 12:20 PM

Device Data Device Data

Simple as 1-2-3

This article will be useful to all - who are currently using the Lite version of 51Degrees data. If you are not yet using 51Degrees this is a perfect opportunity to try our device detection solutions. To begin using 51Degrees device detection simply click on the relevant link: .NET, Java, PHP, C, Python, Perl

To integrate Premium or Enterprise data file in to an existing solution:

Step 1: fill in the evaluation request form. Tell us about your company/business.

Step 2: Log in to 51Degrees.com and Download your Premium or Enterprise data file.

Step 3: Add your data file to your project:


Check the 'binaryFilePath' setting in your 51Degrees.config file. Place the Data file in to the specified location, or place the file in to location convenient for you and change the above setting.


For offline applications you need to supply path to data file to the provider object as shown in this tutorial. For Servlets you can use Web.xml to specify BINARY_FILE_PATH as described here.


If you have not changed the default settings, simply rename the data file to 51Degrees.dat and place it in to 'Core' directory. Alternatively, you can locate the $_fiftyone_degrees_data_file_path configuration parameter in 51Degrees.php file and set path to your data file. More info.


For provided programs that are part of our C distribution you can supply Premium or Enterprise data file through command line, just like you would with a Lite data file. For all other uses please see the documentation.


You will need to alter the config file in one of the following ways. For Pattern: provide path to the data file by editing the following setting V3_WRAPPER_DATABASE. For Trie edit the V3_TRIE_WRAPPER_DATABASE setting.


Pattern and Trie are initialised via the dataSetInitWithPropertyString($filename, $propertyList) function. See example for Pattern. See example for Trie.

As things tend to slow down at this time of year, now is the ideal opportunity to take a look at what all of the fuss is about, for free.