51Degrees GitHub labels explained


11/8/2021 2:30 PM

51Degrees GitHub Development

Resolving technical support with transparency on GitHub

The 51Degrees GitHub is your go-to place to raise a technical question or issue with our service. For additional clarity (and not just because they look colorful), we’ve created a list of labels to attach to each issue. That way, our users know what stage we are currently at in its resolution. Read on for more information on our issue labels.


The labels

The GitHub labels are self-explanatory, but some extra information never hurt anyone. We have two different types of labels.

First, let’s look at Type labels which define the GitHub issue:

  • Type: feature-request

    Does what it says on the tin. One of our users has asked us to add a new feature to our service.

  • Type: bug

    We’ve identified an issue within the repository. We are aware of the issue and are looking to fix it.

  • Type: documentation

    We’ll be improving our documentation for clarity or with new additions.

  • Type: question

    One of our users has asked us for more information on our services.

Secondly, we have Status and Scheduled labels which assign a time frame to the issue:

  • Status: to be scheduled

    We are aware of the item, but we have not scheduled this issue to a particular engineer or release date.

  • Status: assigned

    We have assigned this item to a particular engineer to work on.

  • Status: duplicate

    This issue or pull request already exists.

  • Status: released/[specific version number]

    The change requested has already been released in the specific version of our product.

  • Scheduled: [date]

    GitHub issues labelled with this have been scheduled for a specific release date. Stay tuned to see the change to the repository go live.

Why bother?

By directing all our technical support queries to GitHub, we can work in the open with full transparency. We actively encourage our users to ask us for new features or bug fixes on GitHub so we can provide the best real-time data service available.

In fact, our developers themselves will open issues that have been identified internally. We could hide these from the public eye, but we want our users to feel confident that we are always looking to improve our service and that we listen to suggestions for new features or performance issues.

If you have any feature requests or technical questions about our real-time data services, raise an issue on the relevant 51Degrees GitHub repository.