51Degrees Blog 2017

Alexander Preslavski

4/4/2017 10:19 AM

Update Device Data

Specific Absorption Rate

51degrees is happy to announce the appearance of two new properties in our database within the last month. We have now officially added Specific Absorption Rate for European and United States standards. The Specific Absorption Rate is usually found as the abbreviation of SAR in the specifications and manuals of some devices. You can learn more about the property and how it can be implemented in your business solutions in the article below. The official names for those properties will appear in the following format:



  • Last week we added support for 250 new devices.
  • The current number of Premium combinations in our database is 417,624
  • The current number of Enterprise combinations in our database is 499,504

Recently added software versions to our database include: Android 7.1 ChromeOS 55.0

51Degrees is still the world's fastest, most accurate device detection solution for your website today, tomorrow and for the future. If you'd like to find out more please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss how we, can help you, maximise your business potential.