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51Degrees Data Team

8/19/2015 3:28 AM

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A trio of budget devices


This week we take a look at a trio of new tablets from Denver Electronics, a Danish company with over 25 years in the market who started out by importing radios and television sets from the Far East. The first of the trio is the DENVER TAQ-70152K, this model comes with a 7 inch LCD screen with a modest 480 x 800 pixel resolution and 18 bits per pixel and is geared up for the budget market.

Naturally Wi-Fi comes as standard but that's where the connectivity options end, there is no Bluetooth, GPS or capacity to make phone calls with this tablet. It's powered by a quad-core 1.3GHz CPU and fitted with 512MB RAM and 8GB internal storage, which even for a budget device is cutting it quite thin in 2015. With these specifications it's going to struggle to run modern graphics intensive apps.

Other features include a 0.3MP front camera, 2300mAh battery, accelerometer sensor and a MicroSD slot. The TAQ-70152K is equipped with thick durable rubber protection to help protect it from accidental drops, making this an ideal first tablet for a child or simply a portable tool for casually browsing the internet around your home. The tablet is retailing for less than $150 and is available now.


DENVER TAQ-10133 and TAQ-10142

The second tablet we're going to take a quick look at is also aimed at the budget market, but its target audiance is not aimed so much at the young. The DENVER TAQ-10133 has a 10.1 inch LCD with a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution and 18 bits per pixel, while this in itself is nothing remarkable it's better than budget tablets which seem to think a WVGA resolution is acceptable for a 10.1" screen.

Once again there's no satellite navigation and no SIM card support and thus no ability to make a phone call, however on this model we do get Bluetooth. Internally we get the same quad-core 1.3GHz CPU as seen on the TAQ-70152K but this time it's paired with 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage which can be further expanded via a MicroSD card slot which should do just fine for most casual users.

Similar to the TAQ-70152K we also get a 0.3MP front selfie camera and accelerometer sensor as well as a much larger 4000mAh battery which will be needed to power the larger display. Ports include the ubiquitous Micro-USB and a 3.5mm headphone jack as well as a dedicated DC-in port for charging. Despite its larger size and slightly more powerful innards you can now pick up this model for under $120.

The DENVER TAQ-10142 for all intrinsic purposes appears to be exactly the same as the TAQ-10133 model, albeit with two minor differences. Firstly it only has 8GB of internal storage, compared to the 10133's 16GB. Secondly it has a larger battery capacity, 4400mAh as opposed to the 10133's 4000mAh, although we're not sure why a smaller storage correlates to a larger battery. This upgraded/downgraded model can be grabbed for just a few more dollars.


Profiles and Combinations Update

  • Last week we added 229 new devices to our database.
  • The current number of Premium profile combinations in our database is 254,395.
  • The current number of Enterprise profile combinations in our database is 311,359.

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