Improvements to 51Degrees made in 2023


1/11/2024 1:00 PM

51Degrees Device Detection News

Staying on top of industry changes is crucial for an accurate device detection service

In 2023, we made significant improvements to the performance and quality of the 51Degrees product.

Technical improvements

Firstly, we added automated performance tests to GitHub. These run nightly across all supported languages and platforms using GitHub runners.

This change is visually represented through a dashboard and our device detection benchmarks page. With these, we can easily see whether the tests succeed on both new and existing code. We can also quickly react to any changes in performance as a result of code updates.

A snippet of our dashboard on GitHub
A snippet of our performance benchmarks page

Secondly, we updated our SuppressProcessExceptions documentation. No Cloud internet service has 100% uptime. Our improvements, when enabled, will help prevent failure.

For more information on this feature, refer to our specification on GitHub.

As a developer you should always be prepared for unavailable services, and this feature will you help you test this scenario elegantly.

User-Agent Client Hints

Back in May, the User-Agent reduction was fully rolled out after a multi-year release.

51Degrees was one of the first to support the reduced User-Agent and the new User-Agent Client Hints. Even now, not all device detection providers can say the same.

We created JavascriptGetHighEntropyValues, a new property to help customers implement User-Agent Client Hints within their environment. User-Agent Client Hints can operate both client-side and server-side via HTTP headers. We support both.

We supported our customers throughout Google's changes to the Chromium browser to ensure minimal disruption to their device detection accuracy.

Ad tech and migration paths

Earlier in 2023 we created two new projects. Our Structured User-Agent and User-Agent Client Hints converter helps openRTB consumers easily adapt to the new Object: Device sua attribute in the specification.

The 51Degrees UAParser is a migration path of the popular UAParser.js. It addresses a major limitation of the User-Agent deprecation imposed by the modern Chromium browser ecosystem.

Because the data is in the cloud and constantly updated by a professional data analyst team, the device detection provided by 51Degress UAParser spans longer and wider with many more devices and much more data properties for each device.

Additionally, 51Degrees UAParser has a clear and concise programming model that allows it to be universally deployed. It runs in any modern browser including Apple and Android mobile browsers, and in the Node.js server environment.

They [51Degrees] are offering a cloud service with UAParser.js-compatible API which has its own advantages and drawbacks depend on one's requirements and priorities (3rd-party solution vs in-house customization, detection accuracy, level of complexity, open-source license, price, etc). So I believe it's not something that can completely replace this package, but rather as a complement when you need something more extensive. Source Faisal SalmanCreator of UAParser.js

Improvements to our real-time data

We made various improvements to our data accuracy through updates to our predictive algorithm.

In July, we updated our algorithm to handle build versions of browser and platforms more elegantly. This allows for better detection of uncommon browser and operating system versions.

In October, the algorithm became more tolerant of corruptions in the HTTP headers, like irrelevant characters or blank spaces.

Our customers did not have to change their code to receive these improvements as it was handled in our data file updates.

Other improvements

Finally, following consultation with our customers we increased our data file release schedule to Monday to Friday.

We are the only premium, freemium, and ISO accredited device detection solution that releases cloud and on-premise data files on this schedule.

Why you should choose 51Degrees

We continually invest in our open source device detection service to ensure high levels of quality and accuracy.

Each API repository has regular maintenance and updates. And we’re always looking to improve our product following feedback from our customers. 2024 will be no different.

All of this ensures we’re a top-quality device detection provider. See how we’ve helped our customers to succeed through our case studies.

To find out how 51Degrees can help you, get in touch with our Sales team.

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