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134 Devices added including the new Sony Xperia Z2

Published on Thursday, March 6, 2014

134 Devices added including the new Sony Xperia Z2

Device Data Update

With manufacturers showcasing their new devices at Mobile World Congress last week, this week’s data release is full of the latest devices, one of which is the waterproof Sony Xperia Z2. On the surface it is similar to its predecessor the Xperia Z1; however, it has an impressive 4K video recording capability. This great resolution allows capturing a video with four times the details as a full high-definition video.

Another aspect that brings attention and distinguishes it from other Sony devices is an integrated noise cancellation system. Thanks to this technology you can enjoy music on the go without the interruption of background noise. According to Sony, it is a word first technology in a mobile phone and it helps to reduce up to 98% of ambient noise. A sensor in the earpiece detects the noise, so the phone knows what countering signal to send. This approach keeps the headphones smaller and cheaper than typical noise-cancelling headphones. The Xperia Z2 should be available on the global market on 1st April.

Accuracy and Combinations

99.9% Detection Accuracy

68,893 Device Combinations

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