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Boost conversions in Omni-channels and multi-screens

Responsive web design is not a one size fits all solution. We know that mobile audiences behave differently and have different purchasing habits compared to desktop users so displaying content that is not only optimized for the device but also contextualizes the environment of the user is key to improving conversion rates and creating optimal user experience.

"53% of mobile visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load." - DoubleClick

"Allowed us to optimise our website for mobile users"

Jeff Wells - eBusiness Manager


  • Historic trend of applying responsive web design only and the misconception that optimized websites are more time consuming and costly to manage.
  • Tracking the consumer buying cycle across multi devices and multi channels.
  • Heavy weight site content slowing down page loading times and increasing page abandonment.
  • Money and man hours spent on advertising and then a bad user experience on the website compromises a potential conversion.


  • Accuracy

    With an unrivalled number of devices and device combinations, 51Degrees offers 99.9% accuracy. No ‘default’ assumptions on unidentifiable devices eliminating false positives.

  • Increase User Engagement

    Implement 51Degrees server-side to optimise content faster, resulting in an improved user experience and increased conversion rates.

  • Enhanced Analytics

    Get more granular device information and see where your content is performing across any device/browser.

  • Ease of implementation

    With comprehensive documentation for a variety of different programming languages, implementing or migrating to 51Degrees is simple and straight forward.


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  • HSN
  • Boden

Compliments The Way You Work

1Analyse – Use 51degrees with your existing analytics and see a more granular level of detail about the devices used to your site.
2Design – Adapt page content by device to ensure smoother customer journey to purchase..
3Implement – Ease of implementation or migration from another provider. Try our Device Intelligence free for 30 days. Register today - we will set you up swiftly and seamlessly.

Want to know more about how device detection can work for your business?

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