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Web Content Management Systems

The best web platforms need the best analytics

Your platform is dependent on accurate device data to support improving client-side performance by optimizing user experiences server-side. Manage sophisticated digital experiences with mobile-friendly self-service customer portals, public-facing websites and web or native apps. Add device level insight such as device price, age and video format support to analytics.

"The permissive open source model makes 51Degrees simple to deploy and maintain"

Shaun Walker - Entrepreneur and creator of DotNetNuke - DNN

Digital Experience Platforms

Source - Gartner

An effective CMS Platform enables the best digital experience for your target audience. Having a fast and accurate integrated device detection solution sets leaders apart from the competition. 51Degrees is integrated with leaders in CMS platform providers such as Sitecore and Liferay and more. Our solution is used by over 1.5 websites globally and supports over 20 of the most popular CMS platforms.

"Some of our largest customers including banks and media companies are benefiting from the ability to pinpoint the exact device a customer is using and optimise their experience." - Michael Han - VP Services - Liferay


  • Developers need effective tools that enable them to integrate content using various API's, in order to support multi-channels like websites, social media and marketing campaigns.
  • Machine learning and high-fidelity analytics are critical factors for your larger clients.
  • Physical screen size is one of the most important factors to consider when optimising a website for multiple screens but surprisingly, many website analytics solutions lose this information when they aggregate reports by mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Without detailed device intelligence, your clients have very little information about their users' devices in order to personalise the experience.
  • Emulation and preview capability.


  • Unlock Additional insights

    51Degrees Device Intelligence will enhance your existing analytics tools with more granular information about user devices (and associated device properties). We update our database weekly with over 170 new device models.

  • Automatic Updates

    Up to date device data is critical to ensure that your clients can identify new devices on the market and optimise their content correctly for every user. Access daily or weekly automatic updates with the latest data file.

  • Better targeting

    Get access to over 217 device properties such as retail price, vendor, device age, screen size and more. Your clients can create more personalised adaptive web experiences based on better segmentation.

  • Plugin

    We support over 20 leading CMS platforms. Learn how to add Plugins and how to activate data already included in your web platform. For bespoke integration agreements please contact us.


October 2017 - Sitecore, the leading Web content management company, is delighted to announce its agreement with 51Degrees Device Intelligence provider. Sitecore is the leader for 8 years running in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. 51Degrees already provides Device Intelligence to over 20 Leading CMS platforms and over 1.5 million websites worldwide. This new partnership means Sitecore customers can optimise user experiences server-side and access high fidelity analytics from over 200 device properties such as device type, price, age, screen size and video format support.

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September 2017 - 51Degrees is delighted to announce its agreement with enterprise open source software company Liferay to provide device detection services for its enterprise product, Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP).The agreement provides the Liferay Mobile Device Detection app the capability to detect over 44,530 hardware models so that Liferay customers can optimise user experiences server-side and add device level insight such as device price, age and video format support to analytics.

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Compliments The Way You Work

1Analyse – Plugin 51degrees to your web platform and see a more granular level of detail about the devices used for clients site.
2Design – Adapt page content by device to ensure smoother customer journey to purchase.
3Implement – Ease of implementation or migration from another provider. Try our Device Intelligence free for 30 days. Register today - we will set you up swiftly and seamlessly.

Supported Web Platforms