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TAC Intelligence

Using TAC data from multiple verified data sources, 51Degrees provides deeper insights into user preferences and device-specific behavior, for mobile network operators and their suppliers.

What is TAC Data?

The TAC (Type Allocation Code) is the first 8 digits of the IMEI number and can be used to help identify wireless device models that can connect to GSM networks.

How can TAC Data help my business?

51Degrees' data, indexed by TAC, supports multiple use cases such as identifying which devices are actively accessing your network, which ones are performing best on your network, improving customer services and enabling upsell opportunities.

  • For Marketing - to understand and tailor marketing content to unique device capabilities
  • For Customer Services - to speed up trouble-shooting
  • For BI and Procurement - to retrieve granular information about user's devices
  • For Engineers - to maximize network performance and efficiency

Why Choose 51Degrees?

By including TAC data in our extensive database of device profiles, our customers have access to a full list of device attributes, from Release Year and Price Band to Screen Size or Device RAM. This data can be used to drive business growth from Marketing and Customer Service departments all the way to BI and Engineering.


98.44% Coverage 

Of all GSM SIM activity from devices with screens, 98.44% comes from devices we have TAC data for. Coverage is a measure of real-world active devices. It doesn't include devices that were never launched or are no longer active on any network.

Where other solutions, which only use a single source of data, may claim a higher coverage, the question to ask here is, “has that data been verified against multiple verified sources for consistency and accuracy?”.


What about the other 1.56%? 

The other 1.56% is made up of:

  • Devices that are only contained in a single data source and can't be collaborated with another data source
  • Devices that are not sufficiently active to warrant researching and adding to the data
  • Devices with TAC codes which cannot be verified against multiple data sources. For example, some manufacturers don't follow the correct procedure for allocating TAC codes.

That said, our data operators are investigating and mapping more TAC data every day to increase our TAC coverage.


Duplicate TAC Codes

In certain circumstances, TAC data could relate to multiple device models. This is one of the reasons why we utilize multiple verified sources. Instead of relying on one source of the truth, TAC data is cross-checked to ensure the most accurate data is provided to 51Degrees customers.



Our team manually researches and maps TAC data to device profiles, using multiple verified sources taking extra care to ensure the highest levels of accuracy are maintained at all times.


A Complete Solution

We provide a single, unified database you can rely on, containing 245 device properties and indexed by TAC, Web, and Apps. This means that network operators can have access to the same device specification data whether it's coming from Wi-Fi or a mobile network connection.



The data is available to download in a format and at a frequency that's convenient to you. This will allow you to easily integrate TAC data into existing data and analysis tools. The same data can be used with User-Agents and native application keys to monitor WiFi and cellular networks, as well as web traffic and application installs.


Does every device have a TAC code?

No, not all devices have a TAC code. TAC codes are only allocated to GSM wireless devices with a SIM card, so you wouldn't find a TAC code on a desktop computer or Wi-Fi only tablet. The other type of device that would not have a TAC code, is a CDMA-only device. For example, the iPhone 4 model A1349 which was only ever released for CDMA. Where a TAC code cannot be assigned ‘N/A’ is returned.


How It Works

1. We receive TAC data from multiple verified sources.

2. Users access your network in different ways. We give you a view of the devices used regardless of network.

3. 51Degrees provides a single unified database you can rely on, containing 200+ properties and indexed by TAC, Web and Apps.


  • For Marketing

    Understand unique device capabilities to tailor marketing content. Segment your target users by price band, age of device or any of our 200 properties. Optimize content based on screen size. Target devices with a higher ARPU.

  • For Customer Services

    Your team can quickly access comprehensive device data indexed by unique TAC data, to speed up troubleshooting during support queries. Drive upgrades from older device models.

  • For BI and Procurement

    Use 51Degrees' device data indexed by TAC with your existing business intelligence analytics tools to retrieve granular, accurate, real-time information about your users' devices. Easy to implement and analyze. Confidently invest where you have identified opportunities. Drive your business forward.

  • For Engineers

    Identify usage patterns to maximize network performance and efficiency. Strategize using accurate data from devices actively accessing the network. Reduce risk and cost and empower decision making for short and long-term improvements.

Want to know more about how TAC Intelligence can work for your business?

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Why Use 51Degrees

51Degrees continually updates and maintains its database, collecting data from multiple verified sources to provide our customers with a single unified database they can rely on. Get access to a continuous and consistent view of devices used and their capabilities regardless of network. 51Degrees provides 99.9% accuracy. Unlike other providers, we do not make ‘default’ assumptions on unidentifiable devices, eliminating false positives and ensuring customers get accurate results using an open and transparent solution. We only use vendor and authoritative sources for our device data.

About the Technology

  • Future Proof: Unlike competitor solutions built in the last decade when a few 1000 devices existed, 51Degrees’ patented modern algorithms are designed to continuously deliver high performance as device combinations grow to a million and beyond.

  • Fastest: 51Degrees' enhanced algorithm builds on existing patented techniques allowing faster detections, in real time, without compromising our accuracy or coverage.

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