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Digital Agencies

Knowledge is power, don’t miss a trick.

Keeping up to date with the latest trends and tool sets can be a challenge when you are busy managing the day to day demand from clients. Don’t let critical device intelligence be a grey area for your teams or clients. Fulfil the needs of your client whether that be optimizing content, increasing conversions, reducing page abandonments or analyzing where content is performing best.

"If you are a .NET developer and want to develop for the mobile web, you need this product. Install it and be productive immediately. No new language to learn, no need to worry about how your web apps will look and feel on the almost infinite combination of mobile devices and operating systems. Seriously, with this framework, any experienced VB or C# programmer can instantly and painlessly make the transition to the mobile web."

Thomas Derenthal - IT Consulting Services, llc


  • Data from your clients’ end users’ online footprint provides valuable insights to their online behaviour and purchase intentions.
  • Most online analytics solutions do not provide the granular level of detail required to adapt online content to maximize the potential of online conversions and steer the end user purchase path.
  • Historic trend of applying responsive web design only and the misconception that optimized websites are more time consuming and costly to manage.
  • Having a complete tool set, that includes accurate device intelligence, enables your team to be the “one stop shop” for your clients.
  • Managing client expectations while adapting to an ever changing digital landscape.


  • Unlock additional insights

    Using 51Degrees with your existing analytics tools will enhance your data with more granular information about the devices used to view your site or your clients online content. See where content is performing best.

  • Increase “real” user engagement

    Properties such as 'IsCrawler', 'BrowserDiscontinuedAge' and 'PlatformDiscontinuedAge' help identify bot traffic/fake users. Ensure your content strategy engages real users.

  • Better targeting

    With 226 properties, get access to properties that help your targeting efforts. Comprehensive device information such as 'PriceBand', 'ReleaseAge', screen size and many more available.

  • Ease of implementation

    With comprehensive documentation for a variety of different programming languages, implementing or migrating to 51Degrees is simple and straightforward. Also integrated into leading CMS platforms.

Used By:

  • McCann
  • Degrees 53

Compliments The Way You Work

  • 1Analyze – Plugin 51degrees to yours and your clients’ web platforms and see a more granular level of detail about the devices used for clients site.
  • Grow revenue for Adtech
  • 2Design – Understand clients end user behavior and optimal customer path to purchase.
  • 3Implement – Plugin 51degrees to yours and your clients’ web platforms and see a more granular level of detail about the devices used for clients site.

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