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Zedo is the world’s largest independent ad technology player and is committed to keeping pace with the consumer shift to mobile to enable optimized campaigns for ad buyers across an ever-increasing range of devices. They bought in 51Degrees’ device detection services to overcome increasingly onerous in-house categorising through User-Agents, and to be able to accurately report on the bifurcation of inventory across desktop and mobile.


  • Improved media planning for mobile
  • Optimized campaigns for ad-tech buyers
  • Ability to analyze inventory across different platforms
  • Clear data enables informed decisions rather than guesses
Zedo use 51Degrees to enable category targeting, device targeting, and for device reporting.
It has given a boost to our analytic and reporting system which helps us to optimize advertising campaigns. Head of product and projectZedo
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Zedo suite innovative ad formats can now be accurately and quickly targeted to tens of thousands of device models regardless of browser, OS and platform.

It was the accuracy of 51Degrees’ device data, the updates, and pricing which won over Zedo. Head of Product and Project described the analytics element of 51Degrees’ product as helping “to create great insights.” Being able to understand the source of inventory, the browser being used or the operating system, plays a big role in campaign performance. It enables informed decisions rather than guesses. Since implementation, Zedo’s data clarity has improved, making known the distribution of traffic across all platforms, browsers, IOS and their different properties.

About Device Detection

Device detection empowers a web page to understand a great deal of information about the device that is visiting the site prior to making a decision about the content to send to it. This could include information on browser type and capability, processing power of the device, and screen resolution, to name but three of thousands of categories.

Device detection is an important facet of personalisation but does not require a user to register or share personal preferences. Armed with this information websites can send content that is not only optimised for detailed device specifications but also contextualises the likely environment of the user, delivering a better user experience.

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