1/20/2016 9:13 AM

51Degrees and HAProxy Technologies bring device detection to HAProxy Community

Reading, 20th January 2016: 51Degrees has collaborated with HAProxy Technologies, the world’s most popular Open Source Reverse-Proxy Load-Balancer, to integrate 51Degrees’ device detection - the fastest and most accurate available - into HAProxy’s services. The integration sees HAProxy bring 51Degrees’ device detection services to its Enterprise grade solution, HAPEE.



9/16/2015 3:32 AM

ZTE Device Data Update

Warp Elite and Obsidian

This week we focus on two new offerings from ZTE. Initially founded 30 years ago as Zhongxing Semiconductor Co. Ltd in Shenzhen, China. 12 years ago Zhongxing Semiconductor changed its name to Zhongxing New Telecommunications Equipment Co. from where we get the ZTE moniker. All of the devices in this article can be detected with our latest data file update available for download now.



8/26/2015 2:38 AM

Browser Subversion Update and New ZTE devices

Budget Friendly Smartphones

In January earlier this year we released information about our plans to support operating system subversions. During April we made changes so that 51Degrees provides information about both Android and iOS software subversions. We're now happy to announce the imminent release of the second stage of our subversion plan, adding support for subversions in the native Android browsers.



7/20/2015 12:54 PM

New devices updated last week

Snapdragon Processors: Combination of features and performance.

Snapdragon is a system on a chip (SoC) product family by Qualcomm, targeted to smartphones or tablets. This company has long been one of the benchmark companies in mobile devices.

Last week 51degrees added different devices with Snapdragon processors.


Data Team

6/3/2015 4:35 AM

New Huawei Devices and Data Updates

Huawei P8 and P8max

This week we added the latest smartphones from the worlds largest telecommunications manufacturer Huawei. The company has been described as China's most globally successful company and last year became the number 1 applicant for international patents and is currently the forth largest smartphone maker in the world.

A reminder that support for Version 2 has now ceased. We strongly recommend that you consider upgrading to Version 3


Data Team

5/11/2015 10:53 AM

The most popular Windows Operating Systems over the last 2 years

Windows 10 hands on review

The Windows 10 preview was presented last April as part of the Window NT family operating systems. The Technical Preview has come a long way. But there's still quite a bit time before the next generation of Windows is humming along on our PCs, tablets and phones. Microsoft still has not offered an official release date, however it is expected to be released to manufacturing in mid-2015.


Data Team

12/10/2014 4:29 AM

5G and the internet of things

No more buffering...

4G has been with us in one form or another for the previous 8 years, competing under two different 4G network standards, Mobile WiMAX and Long Term Evolution (LTE). There is now a race on by teams around the world to establish 5G, the next generation of mobile networks.


Products Team

10/2/2014 8:11 AM

Top 5 Amazon Devices

UK, US and Global

Learn which Amazon devices are most commonly used for Web access. We looked at US and UK markets as well as the global Amazon devices popularity.


Data Team

5/15/2014 10:15 AM

New Huawei Ascend P7 Lineup

Device Data Update

Huawei's latest flagship, the Ascend P7 was recently unveiled last week. Alongside this Huawei also has a smaller variant in the works named the Ascend P7 mini, the mini version is due to be commercially released at the same time as its bigger brother in June.


Data Team

3/12/2014 11:41 AM

Acer's Liquid Z5 Duo and a range of new browsers added this week

Device Data Update

This week a combination of 166 new hardware devices, browsers and operating systems have been added to the device detection database.

You can now download our latest Premium Device Detection Data, or upgrade now if you do not already benefit from our Premium service.