51Degrees API Documentation  4.4


This page describes the steps for migrating from the previous 51Degrees Device detection API to either version 4 of that API or to the Pipeline API where it is available. In either case, there are breaking changes so this guide should be followed carefully to ensure no problems arise.


The language that you are using is the most important factor in determining what work is required to migrate to the new API. For some languages and frameworks, such as C, Nginx, or Varnish, there is no Pipeline API so you will be migrating directly to version 4 of the Device Detection API. For other languages such as Java or .NET, you will be migrating from a pure device detection installation to the Pipeline API with a device detection plugin.


Regardless of which API you are migrating to, there are breaking changes and new features to be aware of. See the following section for detail on the changes needed for your language of choice.

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