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Automatic Data Updates

Licence key

A licence key is automatically generated upon purchase and is sent as part of the welcome/confirmation email.

Using your licence key

Currently automatic data updates are supported in the following technologies: .NET , Java , PHP , Node.js and Python . Please click on the relevant technology to view how to use automatic data updates for that particular API.

How does it work

API of your choice makes a request to For a version 3.1 data file:


For version 3.2 data file:


Where 'YOUR_KEY' is substituted by your licence key. This request is then processed by 51Degrees server and one of the following responses is returned:

  • 200 : success. Device data file is returned.
  • 304 : not modified. The data file you currently have is already of the latest version.
  • 429 : too many requests. Usually means you have exhausted the number of allowed downloads. Message body contains time to wait until downloads will work again. The number of allowed downloads corresponds to the number of servers you purchased your licence for.
  • 403 : forbidden. This HTTP response can be encountered when your key gets barred. For example: if the amount of update requests from your website/project becomes so large that it starts to cause the quality of service to deteriorate for other clients, your licence key can get barred. If you encounter this response you will need to contact us with the reason for the significant number of update requests.

Among other HTTP response headers 51Degrees server also returns an HTTP header called 'Content-MD5' which contains the md5 checksum for the device data and is used by the API to automatically check the integrity of the downloaded data.

Important: For multiple instances running on the same server, we recommend you only set up automatic updates on one instance. This should be made available in a centralized location, accessible by all instances. Using this method will prevent issues with multiple downloads failing after you reach your licencing limit. A 30 minute timer will also prevent you from downloading from any other instance.

Do we need access to your licence file?

No. We do not require access to your licence file. It is only used by the API to extract your licence key to be used in the update request.

Cloud licence key

Both Basic and Premium cloud solutions require a cloud licence key. As with the on-premise solution, cloud licence key will be generated and emailed to you upon completing the checkout. Please note that Cloud licence keys can not be used with the on-premise APIs and vice versa.

Manual Data Updates

To download the latest device data manually please follow this link to the Downloads area . You can then obtain the latest data file by either authenticating using your licence key, or by logging in using the account you have used for purchase.


Evaluation programme does not currently support licence keys and you will not be issued one. If you are in an evaluation and you would like to obtain the latest device data you can do so by logging in to your account with 51Degrees and proceed to Downloads -> Enhanced Device Data .