For better or worse, every time a person visits your website, uses your apps, or sees your ads, they're forming an opinion of your brand. They want seamless, smooth, and personalized experiences across every device. And with our real-time data superpowers, that's exactly what you'll give them.

  • Personalized content. Knowing more about a user's device and location means you can provide relevant content and personalized experiences without needing them to register or share personal preferences.
  • Easy device optimization. Unlike the generic results of responsive web design, using device detection you can automatically optimize menus, forms, and other graphical user interfaces for each device's specific size and functions, improving user experiences, completion rates, and conversions. Check out our pricing page on both mobile and desktop to experience this in action!
  • Instant gratification. Fast mobile page loading is vital to keep users engaged and search engine rankings high. We give your website the power to optimize page weights in real-time (e.g. sending lower resolution images to small-screen phones) to give your business the edge. Don't believe us? Take a look at this web site on Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Marketing insights. With better data, you can make better decisions. Our data services integrate seamlessly with your existing analytics tools, helping you spot patterns and segment audiences with a more detailed understanding of their devices, locations, and more. Use Google Analytics? Read this blog to learn how easy integration is.
  • Tencent Company Ltd (Thailand - Head Office)
  • Entertainment GmbH
  • Betfred

“Allowed us to identify and adapt to various devices”

Mike Whaley