The Evolution of Content Consumption


9/16/2013 1:39 PM

Mobile Smart TV Opinion

Content distribution has come a long way. The first television sets were made commercially available in the late 1920s, just a few years later saw the first mass produced television sets.

Production was mostly halted during WWII but technological advancements began to pick up pace shortly after with the first colour television sets appearing in the 1950s. Just as technological developments increased so did the public interest. Only 0.5% of U.S. households had a television set in 1946, 55.7% had one in 1954 and 90% owned a TV by 1962.

By the early 1970s solid state electronics had replaced vacuum tube technology in colour TVs. It is also during this time we saw the first cable and satellite distributions of television content.

The 1990s brought us further content evolution, dedicated video game consoles moved into the mainstream and continued to improve from their inception years earlier. The Internet we know and love today was also widely available and has gone from strength to strength.

The 2010s brought us something very different indeed. Content is now being consumed in many different ways using many different mediums.

The digital landscape is drastically changing each year, from smart phones to smart watches, motion controllers such as Leap Motion, Google Glass and other pervasive and ubiquitous computing developments.

Businesses need to evolve their web content in line with technological evolution in order to give their customers a great mobile experience on all types of devices.

51Degrees.mobi device detection gives intelligence to any server, enabling you to serve innovative content to these new technologies. This allows for multi-screen customer engagement on any device!

EU web traffic by device type
US web traffic by device type

Web traffic originating from TVs only made up 0.05% of global web traffic in August 2013.

But device usage is changing fast

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