NFC enabled mobile device traffic reaches 20.89%


9/8/2014 8:58 AM

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Chart Of The Week

In this Chart Of The Week we have re-visited the data for NFC-enabled US web traffic. As you can see from the graph the amount of NFC-enabled devices has increased by 7% since June 2013. Nearly 21% of devices accessing the Internet are capable of mobile payments.

Mobile Web Traffic - NFC Enabled Phones September 2014


According to Yahoo! Finance: NFC could soon replace plastic credit cards in use today. From the technical point of view this is a good thing as mobile phones are generally more secure with fingerprint identification capabilities and system locking mechanisms.

NFC is also gaining support with major phone manufacturers as Apple's iPhone 6 is expected to have NFC capabilities. Devices from other major manufacturers, such as Samsung Galaxy S5 and various Nokia Windows Phones already have the technology built in.

We shall return to this topic in a couple of month, once the iPhone 6 kicks off, to see how the number of NFC-enabled devices will change.