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11/3/2014 11:11 AM

Device Detection MWC Opinion

The countdown begins

What is Mobile World Congress

The evolution of mobility continues to develop and grow rapidly and it is definitely an industry that deserves the attention of businesses. Mobile has become an important and powerful technology for a business to consider utilizing in engaging with its clients and employees.

There are many events where new innovations or IT related products are presented to the market. However in the mobile business the GSM Mobile Word Congress is the best opportunity for companies to introduce their contemporary goods, applications or services. It supports the development of worldwide innovations and gathers mobile enthusiasts from all over the world. Therefore it is also a great platform for investors in the evolution of communications, to seek the best value from the latest industry leaders.

Last year, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we could examine devices from all over the world, including well-known brands such as Samsung, LG, Alcatel, Nokia, Sony, HTC and Lenovo, which did not disappoint us.

The Agenda

At this point it is too early to know all the details. It certainly looks like consumers and privacy will be in focus. Wearable electronics and the use of mobile electronics for medical purposes will also be covered. As usual, there are other interesting subjects that focus on various business topics.

Day 3 will have two topics that are most likely to have the greatest effect on the shape of things to come in the mobile world. 5G networks will help shift the ratio between mobile and non-mobile devices used for Web access even further in favour of mobile devices. 5G networks will also potentially allow us to abandon landline connections for good. Net neutrality is another important topic as it will affect all Internet users.

51Degrees at MWC 2015

In 2015 Mobile World Congress will also take place in Barcelona between March 2nd and March 5th and again, it will be a great opportunity for professionals and companies to network, share ideas and advertise services. 51Degrees, a leader in device detection for mobile phones, tablets and TVs, has previously taken part in Mobile World Congress events.
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Similarly, 51Degrees will be taking part in MWC 2015 where we will present our improved device detection solution and introduce our new affiliate program.

Device detection remains a hot issue with an ever-increasing amount of mobile devices and device types. Businesses all around the world will have to adapt eventually in order to keep up with the competition. What we are seeing is an evolution of consumer behavior and mindset. Brands are becoming less important in many markets with an easier access to alternatives. In the past you were limited by the goods your local shops were selling, or your local superstore had in stock. Now consumers have access to dozens of online shopping platforms with thousands of smaller firms using these platforms to sell their goods and services. You have all the information at the palm of your hand and you can afford to be picky.

While prices are an important factor for most of us, the way information is displayed also plays a great role. Imagine two websites selling the same kind of item, or so they claim. One has a bulky website designed for a desktop computer. The other one has a neat and fast website created with mobile devices in mind with optimized design for several device types. The latter is more user friendly towards mobile devices and therefore has a better customer engagement ration translating in to more purchases.

But why do you want device detection if you have tools like RWD? That is indeed a good question. The answer is in the fundamental flaw of RWD - the concept of all devices being treated equally. While it may work great for smaller websites, it could cause a problem for websites with a significant amount of graphics and various media content. In the context of the above example: A successful online store aims to place as much information as possible. That information includes pictures, reviews and sometimes videos of the product. Such an amount of information translates into a lot of data that customer's device will need to download. Having an optimized version for each type of device (i.e. Tablet, Smart Phone etc...) will allow you to supply the right resources making the website load faster and work smoother hence improving user experience.

Pay us a visit at MWC 2015 and learn how our device detector and device data can help you improve the experience for your users!