John Logie Baird 2013 - James on the Panel

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9/25/2013 4:07 PM

Event News

Is the Set Top Box Dead?

I'm looking forward to joining the IET and BBC at next week's John Logie Baird Lecture to debate whether the set top box is dead. The event takes place at the BBC's Media Village (ex Television Centre) on the 3rd October.

I learnt a lot about the state of the TV industry at IBC last week. I'll be combining this with insight from the world of mobile telecoms to outline why the setup box needs to evolve to become both something more than it is today whilst at the same time becoming less significant. It'll need to play nicely with the other devices we use in our everyday lives. Its role in the distribution of content both via broadcast and on demand will change altering the business models of many involved in the TV industry.

Maybe I'll see you there. If not I'll post a summary shortly after the 3rd October.