BlackBerry Z10 VS Sony Xperia Z - Which is more popular?


10/18/2013 2:22 PM

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Earlier this week Blackberry wrote an open letter to their customers, in hopes to encapsulate their user base with Blackberry passion. Here at 51Degrees it reminded us of our first ever Chart of the Week where we compared the newly released Blackberry Z10 against it's fierce market rival, the Sony Xperia Z. This week we take another look at mobile web traffic originating from the same models, over the same countries, 6 months later.

BlackBerry Z10 VS Sony Xperia Z - Mobile Web Traffic - March 2013:


BlackBerry Z10 VS Sony Xperia Z - Mobile Web Traffic - August 2013:


As expected, the Blackberry Z10 is still performing well in its home country of Canada, however, this seems to be the only territory that has maintained any sort of BlackBerry dominance. Nearly every other region shows the Sony Xperia Z taking huge chunks of web traffic from the BB10 device.

Surprisingly, the Xperia Z has taken a huge lead in the emerging market of India. India has been a BlackBerry dominated country in the past but it seems the new BB10 operating system is not as popular as previous versions.

One small victory for BlackBerry however, is the share of mobile web traffic in the American market. Although BlackBerry's larger lead has declined over time, the Z10 still retains a slight lead of 53.55%, showing the device is still a more popular choice than the Xperia Z in the United States.