Apache Mobile Filter supports 51Degrees.mobi

Products Team

12/15/2011 10:50 AM

Industry Mobile News

51Degrees.mobi, the leading provider of device detection, web optimisation and mobile analytics solutions, has been adopted as a data source by Apache Mobile Filter, the leading provider of mobile detection services for Apache.

51Degrees.mobi offer two robust and reliable solutions - the first, Lite Data, is a free, entry-level device file to meet basic mobile detection requirements using the Mozilla Public Licence, whilst the second, Premium Data, provides a rich set of parameters including; physical screen size, input type, recommend button size and weekly updates, which will cost an annual fee.

Apache Mobile Filter extends the Apache web server to detect mobile devices accessing the web server and provides the developer enhanced information about the device. The web page returned from the web server can be customised to better meet the needs of the requesting device.

Both the Lite and Premium Data files can be used with Apache Mobile Filter. Netcraft's November 2011 web survey shows Apache holding a 64.67% share of the web server market. Combined with its .NET Foundation APIs, 51Degrees.mobi device data can now be used to detect and manage mobile devices on over 80% of active web servers worldwide.

James Rosewell, founder and CEO at 51Degrees.mobi, said “We're delighted Apache Mobile Filter has moved quickly to incorporate 51Degrees.mobi and that the majority of web servers can now benefit from our device data. Importantly the Freemium commercial model we've chosen in consultation with other stakeholders is starting to work extremely well.”

Idel Fuschini, founder and Chief Developer of Apache Mobile Filter, said “51Degrees.mobi was simple to integrate with AMF and provides a compelling device detection option for developers using Apache based technology. The entire solution is attractive to web developers as it can be downloaded for free and includes all source code and Lite data.”