To help get developers started using 51Degrees .NET Mobile Framework we've provided some handy tutorials covering the key features. Start up Visual Studio and select one of the following tutorials to get going.

Existing Skills

We've written 51Degrees to be as simple to use as possible. We do, however, expect a basic understanding of ASP.NET Web Forms development to avoid repeating non-mobile related documentation (which is covered in dedicated books and on MSDN). Developers entirely new to ASP.NET should consider reading a beginner's guide before using these tutorials. Developers who've already created basic web sites in ASP.NET Web Forms will be perfectly at home.


Like all our products, these tutorials work in .NET version 2.0 or greater and on Visual Studio 2005, 2008 or 2010. After all, developing mobile web applications shouldn't require a major upgrade and all the risk that goes along with it.


NumberSorted By Number In Ascending OrderTutorialSummary
1InstallationInstall 51Degrees - .Net Mobile Framework and confirm the installation is successful.
2EmulatorsConfigure IIS to work with mobile device emulators improving development productivity.
3Hello WorldAdd a mobile label control to a mobile page and understand major differences compared to standard ASP.NET.
4Mobile ProfileUse a simple database to gain additional insight into the mobile device performance, optimise view state and persist data.
5Clever ImagesOptimise images to consume the bare minimum amount of data for the display on the requesting mobile device without compromising image quality.
6Entering TextMake it easier for your users to enter text by remembering previous values and providing common options.
7DatesCaptures dates quickly and easily using all the capabilities of the requesting mobile device.
8LocationFind out where the requesting mobile device is or get location information from users.
9MapsDisplay maps from Google or Bing, move around and show multiple markers.
10Data Lists and PagersDisplay lists of items and page between them.
11Styling Mobile ControlsStyle mobile web applications using different common characteristics of mobile devices such as screen size or input method.
12DeploymentDeploy the Framework onto a production server and configure IIS and SQL.