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Sometimes software emulators just aren't good enough to ensure a great user experience. Consider iPhones. No official emulator is available, and whilst MobiOne does a good job it's not the same as the real thing.

We've used emulators and real phones to test our products. We've also spent 100s of man hours testing our products with Perfecto Mobile. Real mobile phones and testing tools are made available via your web browser and can be accessed by the minute. Like you we just can't afford to buy all the mobile phones needed to create great mobile applications and Perfecto Mobile provided the answer we were happy with.

To find out more about the reasons why you should consider using real mobile devices and not just simulators read this white paper.

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Software and web site development requires the ability to rapidly create and test functionality… particularly when time and money are both precious. Showing working screens and processes to your client is the most effective method of aligning everyone's expectations. However, when you're developing mobile applications, your clients may not always appreciate the number of different phones and features available. On this page you'll find links to third-party emulators we've found helpful when developing, testing and demonstrating our products.

All the emulators here will run as applications on your development machine alongside Visual Studio. You can enter the same URL as that displayed in Internet Explorer when you start debugging a project.

Visual Studio also provides support for Windows Mobile based phones. These devices support the development and testing of .NET Compact applications. The browser used on these devices can also be used to test web sites.


Android SDKEssential emulator to ensure mobile web sites work well on Android based devices.Download
BlackBerryRIM's tools for developers including Visual Studio and standalone simulatorsDownload
Mobile Interactive Testing EnvironmentMITE is a great product for testing your mobile web site on 1600 different mobile devices. It can also be used to monitor your production mobile web sites.Download
MobiOneThis is a really good emulator for high end handsets including the iPhone and Palm Pre from Genuitec.Download
Motorola Browser ADK v2.2.2Emulates the C975, C980, V975, and V980. A good emulator for checking Motorola support.Download
NttDocomo i-modeTwo chtml i-mode emulators from NttDocomo. Probably the best emulators to confirm chtml compliance during development.Download
Openwave Simulator V7A PC based emulation of the popular Openware mobile browser. Ideal for quickly testing mobile sites on small screens.Download
Yospace Smartphone EmulatorFree trial available. Good emulation of many common mobile phones.Download
Nokia S40 (all Editions) SDKDesktop emulator for the emulation of wide range of S40 Symbian based devices.Download
Opera Mobile Classic Emulator

Developing for mobile phones and tablets becomes a breeze. The emulator is super simple to install and lets you do serious mobile development from your desktop.


Consider Server Side Detection

Identify mobile web traffic using a comprehensive set of device and browser specific properties

Device Data

Every mobile phone and tablet is different. They have many different properties including screen sizes, keyboards, web browsers and operating systems. The 51Degrees database contains thousands of devices, including games consoles, eBook readers, tablets, smart phones and feature phones. It is built and maintained from manufacturer's specifications, our usage information and web site responses. Using this information enables a web site to detect a user's physical device type.

This can be used to:

  • Redirect a customer to a mobile website
  • Improve the customer experience by utilising properties such as screen size and input method
  • Validate a user's mobile device type and software version before offering downloadable content or attempting to interact
  • Tailor the experience by using other functionality on the device, such as the type of keyboard or camera.

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1. If you have a mobile device that supports WiFi, connect it to your access point and ensure an IP address from the local network has been assigned. Then change the Web settings for your project in Visual Studio to "Use local IIS Web server" so that browsers on the local network and not just the same machine as IIS can access your web site. Now enter the URL of your development machine into the mobile device to view pages.

2. During the final stages of testing, ensure you have a test URL that is connected to the public internet. Ask friends and colleagues to use their phones to access the site. Consider providing a text short code specifically for the test URL to make this easier. For example; text keyword to xxxxx and they'll receive a text message with a URL to your site.

3. Consider using real mobile devices over the internet from companies such as Perfecto Mobile.