Framework Premium Licence Key

To continue using the Framework product beyond the trial you will need to supply the Framework with licence keys that can be purchased here.
This guide is for Framework product keys only. If you are using the Framework with Premium Device Data you will also need to follow the Foundation Licence Key guide.

To make use of automatic updates your licence key needs to be entered into the Framework by modifying a class in your web application or adding a .lic licence file to your project.

Embedding into the source

The Foundation project templates should create a class called MobilePage. Your Framework licence keys should be entered in the licenceKeys string array:

base.LicenseKeys = new[] { "YOUR_FRAMEWORK_KEY_HERE" };

Your webpages should then inherit from MobilePage. Any pages that do not will say there is an invalid or expired licence key.

Using a .lic file
To use a .lic file navigate to your web apps bin folder and create a file with any name with the '.lic' file extension (the file should be in the same folder as the Framework dll). Open this file with a text editor and copy your key into it.