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We're aiming to provide the simplest and most reliable method for .NET developers to integrate mobile devices with their existing and future web sites, which is why we're offering 51Degrees Device Data Lite for free use.

We have created an add-in module for .NET web sites called "Foundation" that'll automatically determine if a mobile device is accessing the site and redirect it to mobile specific content. Our add-in utilises the useragent string provided in the header of each HTTP request to identify the browser and mobile device making the request. The device database contains a useragent string for each known mobile device. When a new request is received, the API matches the useragent string to one in the database - either through a direct match or by finding the closest.

Once integrated into a web site, the module wil parse device data and store it in memory during the first request. Every time a mobile page is requested, .NET standard browser capabilities are enhanced using the mobile device data to override original values. Parameters such as screen width, screen height in pixels will be considerably more accurate, enabling you to create a web site that's more compelling and more reliable. Over 50 properties are available in our Premium data. In technical terms, when the Request.Browser object is queried, mobile device data is returned. It's that simple.

The following code placed in the Page_Load event returns the mobile device’s screen size:

int x = Request.Browser.ScreenPixelsWidth;

int y = Request.Browser.ScreenPixelsHeight;

With the Device Data and Foundation installed these calls will return extremely accurate data when compared to the standard browser information provided by Microsoft.

But that's not all. Foundation supports redirection rules to automatically send requests from devices with defined properties, such as IsMobile = true, to different locations. Without writing a line of additional code you can create a mobile microsite accessible from your existing main home page. Read the User Guide to find out more.

We would like to hear about your experiences using Foundation either via our forum or by contacting us directly.

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Key Features Device Data includes the following features:

  • High performance with APIs (.NET, C, Java, PHP)
  • XML format providing easy access to data
  • Easy setup and deployment 
  • Secure, reliable, always-available usage installed in your environment, unlike cloud services
  • Structured device data including full dictionary of properties and values
  • Developed and maintained from reliable sources, including real devices, manufacturer’s specifications, our usage information and web sites
  • Quality control process validates each piece of device information