Maintaining Device Data

How device data is maintained and distributed

Vendors Community Usage Information Description
Data Sources Data from 3 distinct sources feed 51Degrees collation process.
Device, operating system and browser vendors. Community data projects like Ringmark. Aggregate usage information shared by 51Degrees users.
Collation Publishing Deployment
Data Processing & Distribution

Source data is transformed into device data files used to perform real time device detection within the client web site.

Cloud services are not used for real time device detection guaranteeing performance and availability.

51Degrees staff continuously assess more than 500,000,000 data points weekly adding new devices and user agents. Data files achieving at least 99.9% detection accuracy made available via cloud service. Your infrastructure automatically downloads latest device data file.

Client web site rapidly identifies the requesting device and optimises response.

Device information can be recorded for analysis purposes.

Fast, Accurate, Easy

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