API Documentation

  • .NET

    Use NuGet to quickly add Device Detection to any .NET based solution. Properties are exposed through the standard .NET browser capabilities interface.
  • Java

    Developer guides relating to 51Degrees Java device detection solution. Covers quick setup, updating device data, web applications and much more.
  • PHP

    Implemented in standard scripts with modules for Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal the PHP API is easy to deploy. Options are included for advanced developers to use PHP extensions.
  • C

    Use GCC, Clang or Visual Studio C compilers to create highly optimised device detection solutions.
  • Python

    Python wraps the C API exposing device detection services to any Python framework including Django.
  • Perl

    Perl wraps the C API exposing device detection services to any Perl program or framework.

Other Documentation

  • Migration Guide

    Due to an increase in the number of customers migrating from other device detection platforms we introduced Migrating Device Detection section. Page contains guides that help customers switch properties or capabilities used on other platforms to 51Degrees device properties.
  • Maintaining Device Data

    Explains where device data comes from, how it's managed, distributed and used on production servers.
  • How Device Detection Works

    Explains how the 51Degrees device detection solution works to match user agents to properties in the device database.
  • Web Browsers Data Sources

    51Degrees uses external data sources to verify browser property information. Sources and mapping rules are contained on this page.